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Creating the school prayer with Mrs Spencer
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As a Church of England School our ethos based on Christian values is important to us. We have a three year rolling program of Values which are introduced through our Collective Worship program.

Each Value has a focus; this could be a relevant Bible theme, fiction story or focus on a famous person (living or dead).

Acts of Collective Worship include stories, songs/ hymns, prayer/ refection. They may use visitors, drama and visual stimuli such as artefacts or power point presentations. Children are encouraged to lead Collective Worship too.

We update parents and carers about the values through our regular newsletter about Collective Worship, Religious Education and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education. Here we update families about some of the content but we also give some key questions for families to consider together.

Please see Mrs Spencer should you have any questions regarding Collective Worship or the newsletters

RE Day

Tuesday 11th November 2014 was our Religious Education Day all about 'Peace'

Early Years Foundation Stage

The children in the Early Years thought about what Peace means to them. They also made a poppy from their handprints.

Year 1

The children in Year One thought about what Peace means and this led onto thinking about symbols of Peace. They learnt about rainbows and doves as special symbols. They worked together to make large rainbows

Year Two

Year Two the children had to think about all the questions they could about the poppy. They then had to try and answer each other questions.

The children then considered 'Peace'. They had to think what they and others can do to promote peace as well as famous peacemakers. They put all their ideas together to create a 'Peace Tree'

Year Three

In Year Three the children found out what they could about World War One and Armistice Day. They recorded some facts and made poppy wreaths.

Year Four

In Year Four the children thought about the deeper meaning of peace. They considered peace at home, at work, in our community and in the world. They wrote some of the words generated onto windmills to 'blow the peace around the world'.

Hall Displays

The hall displays created from the days work are very impressive. Please come into school to see them if you get the opportunity (before December when the Christmas displays will be going up!).

Year One - Peace

Year Two - Peace Tree

Year Three - Peace around thee world

Year Four - Thoughts of Peace Whirling

Values Canvases

On Tuesday 12th May the children who won the canvas competition stayed after school to transfer their designs onto canvas. Their work looks amazing as you can see from the photographs below. Congratulations to Jaida, Valentino, Holly, Chayse, Daniel, Isla, Jonah, Cody, George and Melangell.

My huge thanks to the children attend art club who helped: Jocelyn, Remi, Eva, Dylan, Sophia, Joshua, James C, Abigail, Grace, Iona, Robert, George, Zara, Niamh, Zak and Martha.

Thanks also go to the following staff members who supported this venture: Mrs Gaskin, Mrs Millen, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Davis, Miss Herbert, Mrs Jessop and Mrs Scott

Work in Progress

Finished Canvases

On 30th June the NED show visited Toddington St George C of E School. NED stands for-

Never give up

Encourage others

Do your best

On Thursday 7th February 2019, a new group of children presented their own act of Collective Worship in our special Hooked on Worship. The theme was Excellence and Gabriella H, James M, Lily K, Ishaan M, Isobella C, Kyle C, Ethan G and Meggy CG  wrote and performed stories, songs, prayers and power point presentations. They had such fun planning and performing their ideas and were well received by the rest of the school who seemed to enjoy it too.

On Monday 10th November 2014 children in Years 2-4 took part in a Nationwide broadcast of a Remembrance Assembly from the Tower of London. It was a privilege for us to be able to contribute in some way to the commemorative events surrounding the centenary of the First World War that are taking place in schools across the globe. 10,628 schools registered for this event, with 42 countries involved and 925,726 students taking part. The broadcast can be accessed on demand at

You will also find supporting resources on the website.

On Tuesday 11th November we held our Remembrance Service. As the children in years 1-3 entered the hall they all placed a poppy on  a large poppy outline. We heard from Mrs Spencer who led the service about why we wear poppies. We had prayers from staff members thinking about people who have served in the past and today and thinking about children who have and are being affected by wars. Year four pupils laid their poppies during the service. We finished our time together with a period of silence.

The School Council along with Mrs Spencer used the poppies to make a commemorative cross, which has been laid in the school grounds by the fence on the Key Stage One field - please go and see it. Thanks go to the children; the cross is beautiful.  Thanks also go to Mrs Gaskin for organising the poppy outline and altar, Mr Dudley for making the wooden cross and Mrs Spencer for leading the Service.

Remembrance Day Assembly
On Thursday 14th March 2019, the theme was Commitment and Faith to summarise February's value.  Ellie P, Chloe R, Lexie C, Connor J, Amelie M, Ashton M, James A and Grace B wrote and performed stories and a prayer.  They read a bible story and introduced a new song to the school. They worked well together and enjoyed planning and performing their ideas which were appreciated by the whole school.
Hooked on Worship
On Thursday 6th June 2019, the theme was Service to summarise May’s value.  Marcus D, Jack O, Dillan W, Taygen, Chris, Aine, Anya O and Nubia wrote and performed a play about different people serving in the community including bus drivers, MPs, waiters and lolly pop people.  They read a bible story and shared a video about serving other people food in their homes to make them feel welcome.  They worked really well to come up with the play and performed the whole collective worship with confidence.  Well done team!