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Session One:

Batteries, Voltage and Current

Session two:

Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors and LED’s

Session three

Building a Touch Sensitive Switch

Bottle pulse motor data sheet

Raspberry Pi Traffic Lights sim

Raspberry Pi car bot

Raspberry Pi line following bot

Scratch project -  Bug Maze

Scratch project - Fish and shark

Scratch project - Draw a square

Scratch Project - Racing car game

Raspberry Pi wire buzzer game

Download lesson notes and data sheets.
Raspberry Pi credit card computer Robot car controld by a Raspberry Pi Scratch programming enviroment Building projects using breadbaords
The Electronics and Computer club are busy learning how to build simple electronic circuits. In this session we build a Touch Sensitive Switch
The Electronics and Computer club - 2014 2015
Datasheet - touch switch.pdf Lesson Two - Resistors transistors capactors and LEDs.pdf Beetle Maze.pdf Scratch Projects - Fish Tank .pdf Scratch Projects - Draw Squares.pdf Scratch race track programe for desktop version .pdf Datasheet - Bottle pulse motor.pdf
The Electronics and Computer club made a simple magnet pulse motor using every day things found around the house and garden.

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Throughout June we  have been building robot cars using the Raspberry Pi credit card computer and Scratch software to make the car move.  We started of by assembling the robot car chassis, we then installed the H Bridge motor control, Raspberry Pi and batteries. That was done we programmed the car using Scratch software.  Once the cars had been tested we decided to have a race so Mr Davis build a racing card Track from masking tape and computer keyboards.

During the last lesson we modified one of the robot car to make it follow a black line around a track. We used sensors which can tell the difference between light and dark surfaces and Scratch to control the wheel motors. When the sensor detected the black line it switched off the corresponding motor which made the car turn to follow the line.   

The Electronics and Computer Club is run by Mr Davis and is open to year 4 children who are interested in learning about computers and electronics. Over the weeks the club covers the basic principles of Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, LEDs and electric motors. They will then start to build simple electronic circuits to drive LEDs and motors and other electronic devices. They will also learn how to code a computer using Scratch and eventually combined the skills they have learnt to build and program line following robot car using a Raspberry Pi credit card computer.  
The Electronics and Computer club - 2015 -2016
The members of the computer club are learning how electrons flow though circuit
Lesion 2 and we built a game electronic game using bent wire and a buzzer.  
In this lesson we learnt how resistor and transistor work.  We built a circuit that  turned on a light when it gets dark   
Over a two week period the Electronics and Computer club built Raspberry Pi robot cars using Scratch to write the code to make them move.  In this video Niamh, Iona and Robert explain how the Pi bots work.
In this lesson we learnt that when you pass an electrical current through a coil of wire it become an electromagnet. If you place an electromagnet near permanent magnets and turn it on and off quickly it creates a pulse motor.  
Building a Pulse Motor
Building a Pi Bot
Traffic Lights Project .pdf Raspberry Pi Scratch car wiring and program.pdf Raspberry Pi Scratch line following car.pdf Wire buzzer game Pi - scratch.pdf