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Having a strong password is  key to protecting your online information.
This is a tip for setting up a really strong password that is easy to remember
Never use a password which contains the names and birth dates of your family. Hackers have software that will break through weak passwords like names within seconds.  A more secure method is to use a favourite quote, line of a poem or song.
For example  suppose you chose the first line of a song like “Hey Jude don't be afraid”. Use the first letter from each word to create the password, make one or two letters into capitals. Add an easy to remember number and place a special character somewhere in the mix. Your password would look something like this !HJdbA1066. Easy to remember but almost impossible for a hacker to crack.
Online Safety at Toddington St George
The Internet is a great place for children to learn and have fun but it can also be a place with hidden dangers for the uninformed child and even adult. When using the Internet always be wary of opening emails from someone you do not know or downloading applications or software as they might contain a virus.
At the school we work hard to make sure our children are protected from the darker side of the Internet by using  extremely sophisticated web filtering software that is hosted by Schools Broadband. The filter not only blocks unwanted content but also removes ads, prevents certain videos from running and blocks offensive and inappropriate word searches.  Our teaching staff regularly dedicate whole ICT lessons to E-Safety and staying safe online.  We also promote the KidSMART S.M.A.R.T guidelines for staying safe online.