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TSG are continuing its International sponsorship and support Plan Zimbabwe.
Our sponsored child is Micah Sibanda
Micah lives with his mother, father, brother, grandmother and other close relatives in a house made of mud and sticks, with a thatched roof. He lives on the edge of the community in a farming area on the Hyde Park Estate near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Micah's parents are peasant farmers growing a mixture of maize and groundnuts. Some of the parents sell vegetables at the local market, in order to improve family incomes. When Micah is not at school he helps his parents sell vegetables too. Most people here are Christians, although some believe in ancestral spirits, and most of us go to church at the weekend.
The village is about 2 hours walk from the nearest township and health facility. Water is obtained from a public stand pipe in the courtyard.  
Micah speaks a language called Ndebelle, he is a healthy child and is very lucky as he attends Primary school; which takes him 45 minutes to walk there every day. Many of the children do not get to go to school as some parents do not send them, or understand the importance of a good education; making them work on the farm instead!
Micah lives in an area called Hyde Park Estate near Bulawayo in Zimbabwe
Micah with his mother Ottllia
TSG International sponsorship for Jeremiah Emoding
Between 2005 and 2011 we sponsored  Jeremiah Emoding who is a Ugandan child.
Jeremiah is now a teenager and has finished his education.
The village where he lived is a happy, peaceful place but has few modern amenities that we take for granted. He lived in a hut built of sticks with a thatched roof that he shared with his parents, sister and cousin.   There is no water in the village and the villagers have to walk 2 miles to the nearest well, which sadly is unclean.   Any medical care they might need is also a walk of two miles away. TSG committed to an annual donation of £144 which the Organisation Plan decided how best to spend for the benefit for the whole community.
Other International sponsorship activity
October 2013 - TSG having Non Uniform day with donations to support Micah
2012 - TSG Donated £67 to Seeds to Africa to support farmers growing their own food.
TSG also supports the Africa school desk appeal in conjunction with Toddington St George church.