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Welcome to Ducklings Class - Nursery  (Early Years)

Class Teacher:  Mrs Stringer
Support from:   Mrs French, Mrs Watton and Mr Fuccillo

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Ducklings teaching staff

Mrs Fuccillo, Miss Atkinson, Mrs Stringer, Mrs Watton and Mrs French

Class Information:

Library books are changed on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday Morning.

PE - indoor on Fridays
Ducklings morning class 2017 - 2018
Ducklings afternoon class 2017 - 2018

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Spring term 2  in Ducklings

Weekly breakdown

During our first half-term in Ducklings we have been very busy learning about colours and shapes, animal patterns, Harvest time with the Little Red Hen, the story of the Rainbow fish and Elmer. Also about Autumn animals and changes.  We have been learning the routines of Nursery and begun to make new friends. In the few weeks we have already learned lots!

The story of 'Elmer' helped to teach us colours and that it is ok to be different and that we should celebrate it.  We made our own Elmer characters and put them on display in Nursery.

We looked at the different patterns that animals have and identified animals that we knew.  We made our own animals using patterned paper and made a display with them in the Nursery.

During our Harvest celebrations, we read the story of 'The Little Red Hen' and found out about how bread is made. We all had a go at making our own bread rolls and took them home to eat.

The story of the 'Rainbow Fish,' taught us that it is good to share.  We made our own sparkly fish and decorated them with sequins. We made a display in Nursery to show our work.

When we went on our Autumn walk we found lots of beautiful coloured and shaped leaves.  We collected some leaves, acorns and twigs and used them to make pictures.  Some of us also painted squirrels using toothbrushes and created spikey hedgehogs using matchsticks. The leaves we collected will be put onto our own Autumn tree display in the Nursery.

During 'Healthy Heart and Mind Day' we had a lovely time learning some simple Yoga moves with Mrs Butt, it was great fun and very calming. Earlier in the week we had a visit from the local dentist and found out how to brush our teeth and which foods are good for our teeth and which ones are not so good.
People Who Help Us and Easter

During this topic we thought about all the different people who help us. We also began to make collages of children in 2018 for our School 50th celebration.
We also went around the school and took photographs on iPads of how our school looks today.  To create our 50th celebration tea towels we had to draw our faces onto small pieces of paper.

First of all we thought about people at home that help us. We all painted a picture of someone in our family.
We thought about all the things that our mums and dads do for us to help us learn and grow.
We then thought about all the people at Nursery and School who help us.  

We made cards for Mother's day. We had a role play area set up as a doctor's surgery where we could pretend to give injections and bandage our friends.

We made our own fire engines using old cereal boxes. We looked at all the apparatus that the fire service use, including uniforms, breathing apparatus and helmets.  We also painted a fire engine for our wall display. We also watched some Fireman Sam on the interactive whiteboard.

During this week we looked at books about the different jobs that police officers do.  We looked at their uniform and thought about some of the equipment that they might use, particularly handcuffs!

At the end of the half-term, we turned our thoughts to Easter. We made Easter Chicks and chocolate nests to take home in our bunny baskets that we had created.  We thought about Easter as a time of new beginnings and new life.