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Welcome to Ducklings Class - Nursery  (Early Years)

Class Teacher:  Mrs Stringer
Support from:   Mrs French, Mrs Archer,  Mrs French, Mrs Kirby and Mrs Butt

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2020 -2021

Autumn term 2  in Ducklings

Weekly breakdown

Mrs Nash          Mrs Archer             Mrs Stringer         Mrs French          Mrs Kirby
Ducklings 2018 - 2019 morning group
During our first half-term in Ducklings we have been very busy learning about colours and shapes, animal patterns, Harvest time with the Little Red Hen, the story of the Rainbow fish and Elmer. Also about Autumn animals and changes.  We have been learning the routines of Nursery and begun to make new friends.

The story of 'Elmer' helped to teach us colours and that it is ok to be different and that we should celebrate it.  We made our own Elmer characters and put them on display in Nursery

During our Harvest celebrations, we read the story of 'The Little Red Hen' and found out about how bread is made.

The story of the 'Rainbow Fish,' taught us that it is good to share.  We made our own sparkly fish and decorated them with sequins. We made a display in Nursery to show our work.

When we went on our Autumn walk we found lots of beautiful coloured and shaped leaves.  We collected some leaves, acorns and twigs and used them to make pictures.  Some of us also picked some apples from the trees near Nursery.
During the 2nd half of the Autumn term, Ducklings began with lots of fun activities related to Fireworks.  The children enjoyed creating lots of firework pictures, some using paints and others using glitter. We talked about the colours and sounds of fireworks.
During our week on day and night, we thought about different animals that came out at night and learnt a new word 'nocturnal'.
Our topic moved to lighthouses and the children listened to stories with lighthouses in and also learned about why lighthouses are important. All of the children really enjoyed making their own lighthouses.
All the children really enjoyed the story of the 'Owl Babies' and created some lovely paper plate owls. Many of them were able to retell the story.

As we neared the end of the term our thoughts turned to Christmas and the children enjoyed lots of crafts and stories connected to Christmas.  They made cards, calendars and a tree picture frame with their own photograph in.
During our last week we had lots of fun at school.  The children enjoyed lots of colouring and making activities and really enjoyed playing in our Christmas Post Office role play area.  

Outside in the garden area the children enjoyed re-enacting the Nativity with our stable role play area.
The children enjoyed their parties, they met Santa and had the opportunity to open some presents for Nursery.
Spring 1 2019 - Rhyme Time and Chinese New Year

During this half-term the children learned to recite some nursery rhymes, some familiar ones and some less well-known.  They really enjoyed finding out about Chinese New Year, the year of the pig.

The North Wind Doth Blow
This nursery rhyme was one that the children did not know, but one that they learned quite quickly.  During this week the children made some bird feeders to put outside in the Nursery garden. Lots of them made simple feeders by threading Cheerios onto pipe cleaners. They also enjoyed making some robins.  We talked about how we need to help birds in the Winter time, by putting food and water out for them, both on bird tables and on the ground.

Hickory Dickory Dock
This nursery rhyme is an old favourite, but we extended it up to, 'The clock struck five'. The children really enjoyed learning a rhyme with quite a lot of verses and actions.  This week the children were able to make their own mice and we made a classroom display of the rhyme, with a 3D grandfather clock.

Little Miss Muffet
An older rhyme again this week.  Not all of the children knew this one and we were able to talk about the unusual words, such as, tuffet, curds and whey. The children enjoyed being able to make their own spiders and count the legs! They also learned that spiders can have more than two eyes.

Old Mother Hubbard
An old favourite with lots of different verses.  A few of the children knew some of this rhyme and enjoyed learning some of the other verses.  We talked about some of the funny things that the dog did in this rhyme.  Lots of the children were able to think about cupboards that they had in their own houses and what types of things were kept there.

Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig)
The children were able to make a puppet dragon using lollipop sticks. We read the story about the animals of the Zodiac and watched it on the whiteboard.  All the children agreed that the rat was clever, but a bit sneaky in the way that he won the race and had the first year of the Chinese Zodiac named after him.
Ducklings 2018 - 2019 afternoon group
People Who Help Us and Easter

During this topic we thought about all the different people who help us.

First of all we thought about people at home that help us. We all painted a picture of someone in our family.
We thought about all the things that our mums and dads do for us to help us learn and grow.
We then thought about all the people at Nursery and School who help us.  

We had a role play area set up as an Opticians where we could try on different glasses.

In small groups we made fire engines out of cardboard boxes and other recycled materials.  We also painted some pictures of fire engines. We thought about all the emergency services and the things they do to help us.

It was Shrove Tuesday during this half-term and we made pancakes and tasted them!

World Book Day was another special day this half-term and we dressed-up as a character from a favourite story.  We were lucky to have some Year 3 children and parents/grandparents who came to read to us during the day.

Towards the end of the half-term, we turned our thoughts to Easter. We had an RE day and made bug hotels in the shape of crosses.  The crosses were packed with lots of natural materials such as fir cones, sticks and old garden canes. We are going to put them into our Nursery garden area and observe as bugs make their homes in them. We also coloured pictures, made Easter Chicks and put some chocolate eggs into our bunny bags. We thought about Easter as a time of new beginnings and new life.
During the first part of the Summer Term the children planted some sunflower seeds and listened to the story of 'Tilda's Seed'.  The children learned about the things that plants need to help them grow and looked after their plants before taking them home.  We also grew some runner bean seeds and planted them in the Nursery garden. We read the story of 'Jasper's Beanstalk'.
The children were able to make clay snails as we began to think about things that live in our gardens.  Some children collected some snails and we watched them for a few days before letting them go in the Nursery garden.  

Later we learned the life cycle of a butterfly and made our own butterfly prints to put on the wall.  The children had fun sequencing the events in the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

During the last week before half-term the children made their own insect head bands and we made bug biscuits for our garden party.  All the children came dressed as a minibeast.  The last day was also Healthy Hearts and Minds Day and the children printed with vegetable; as we talked about healthy foods and also had time to do some simple meditation out in the sunshine.
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