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Code of Conduct for Parents/Spectators
Parents and spectators are encouraged to support the children at schools sports days, other school events, tournaments and inter school competitions. However, we would stress that all of the guidance below is fully respected by parents/ spectators of children at St. George's and that we do not have any concerns regarding conduct at these events.
We ask that everyone agrees to follow our code of conduct. This will help to ensure that everyone has a positive experience while attending these events.

A parent should:

    Recognise their attitudes have a significant bearing on a child's attitude towards other players, officials, other spectators.

    Applaud the opposition as well as your own team.

    Avoid coaching your child or any other during a game.

    Do not shout and scream.

    Respect all official's decisions.

    Give respect and encouragement to all participants, not just the most talented.

    Encourage all members of the team to enjoy the games and participate to the best of their ability.

    Parents are asked not to smoke in or around the playing or coaching area.

* If parents require classification with regard the rules, score or scoring then they are asked to discuss this with their school staff and not approach officials directly or If parents have any other issues they should first approach their school staff.
* Abuse of any staff or officials will not be tolerated