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The School Council is elected at the beginning of each school year (Mid October). There are generally two representatives from each class in year 2, 3 and 4.   Every child is encouraged to stand for election to the Council.  Prospective candidates make a short presentation to the class and then a secret ballot is held.   The boy or girl with the most votes in each class becomes a councillor for the next year.
The newly elected School Council introduces itself to the rest of the school during an assembly, when they are presented with their badges.   All pupils are encouraged to put forward their suggestions and ideas to the school council either by speaking to the councillors or by using the suggestions box.
The role of School Council is:

To improve things around the school and the environment

To find out what children want in school

To make the school a better place to be

To ask pupils what they would like to make the school better

To raise funds for school projects and the wider community

Additionally, we have an International sponsor child called Micah; Micah very often sends correspondence to the children and sometimes the School Council reply on behalf of the school. You can see more about Micah here : International Sponsorship
The School Council for 2017/ 2018 are:

Year 4
Condors         Cormac Hayes and Daniel DeFillipo
Kestrels          Liam Leather and Isabella Bacon

Year 3    
Robins            Meggy Colley-Griffin and Sam Tillin
Wrens            Isabella Choosey and Faye McLeod-Irvine

Year 2    
Toucans         Lily Kane and Ishaan Machini
Hummingbirds   Mia Skidmore and Conor Hayes
In October a new School Council was announced during the school assembly. Two members from each class were chosen. They were presented with their school councillor badges and a booklet on how to be a good councillor.  Good luck to the new team.
School Council 2017 -2018
The school council badge presented to each member of the council.
Micah with his friend
The School Council  have had a great idea and explained to the rest of school in an Assembly about a Charity called Mercy Ships.
Mercy Ships has the largest floating charity hospital ship.  
It sails around the world and gives out free operations and healthcare to those that need it the most.  All the Doctors and Nurses on the ship are volunteers and provide their services for free.
The ship is the most efficient way to take a state of the art hospital to the poor countries, as many don’t have the basic services such as clean water supply and reliable power.

It docks in each country for about 10 months at a time. They are currently working on the island of Madagascar.

School Council would like to help the ‘Mercy Ship’ by donating new toothbrushes to support dental health for younger children.  
If you happen to see a 2 for 1 offer when you are replacing a family toothbrush, perhaps you might like to donate one to school.  
We will have a Big Toothbrush Rush Collection Box in the foyer until the  Easter holidays
School Council 2017 -2018
The representative of the Charity 'Mercy Ships', Christine Brown visited us and explained where and how the toothbrushes are going to be sent.

She awarded us with a certificate to thank us for all our hard work in collecting 495 toothbrushes.
A big thank you from Mrs Soor and School Council for all your donations.
Toy and Book Sale

We thought about how we care for others as well as ourselves. We sold raffle tickets and held a toy and book sale. We raised £115.40, which will be shared between Micah and ‘Make a Wish Charity’

The Raffle Winners are:
1. Joshua Stone – Swans
2. Matilda Brown  – Kestrels
3. Eve – Kingfishers
4. Luis Tham-Williams  – Robins
On Thursday 6th October our “Welli Walk” raised £293.70 for charity.
Members of the school council collecting for the Poppy day appeal 2016
On Armist Day the whole school laid a Poppy on the hall floor to make one giant flower. At 11:00 we all fell silent for two minutes.  
Children In Need
This year the school council raised £603.61 for Children in Need
School Council Bazaar 2016
Update on Micah Sibanda
16 years old
Micah attends secondary takes him 45 minutes to walk to school.  His favourite activities are geography and P.E.
Micah now lives in a house made of bricks with a metal roof and cement floor.
Micah is fit and healthy and his nearest doctors surgery is 45 minutes away.
Thank you for your continued support in helping Micah and his family.  
The children of St Georges were proud to have packed 96 Shoe Boxes for The 2017 shoe day appeal.
At Woburn the boxes were packed into large cartons.  
Members of the school council collecting for the Poppy day appeal 2017
School Bazaar

Donated toothbrushes were counted by the school council. We managed to collect 489 toothbrushes.

The volunteer from Mercy Ships will come into school an collect these soon.

Thank you everyone for your kind donations.