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Welcome to Mrs Swans Class - Reception (Early Years)

Class Teachers: Mrs Scott (Monday and Wednesday) and Mrs Bartlett (Wednesday to Friday)
Support from: Mrs Nash (Monday to Friday) and Mrs Tierney (Communicator Monday to Friday)
Meet the class - Swans 2018 - 2019

Swans teaching staff
Mrs Tierney, Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Scott and Mrs Nash

Class Information:

Reading books are changed weekly when your child has completed their book. (Please remember to sign their reading record and ask them questions about their book to show that they understand what they have read). Reading books need to be in school every day.

Library books are changed weekly.

PE - indoor on Wednesday and outdoor on Thursday.
Settling in week
Lunch Time
ICT lesson using iPads
Snack Time
Some of the children for Swans and Kingfishers enjoyed taking part in a dance session with a Space theme. They enjoyed using coloured scarves as a prop to respond to a piece of space music. They explored how they could move both their scarves and their bodies to the rhythm of the music. They even had the opportunity to add in their own choreography. Good fun was had by all!
The Enormous Turnip
Tuesday 5th February was Internet Safety Day and the children watched a video that explored keeping safe on the internet.
The children enjoyed their end of term celebrations before the break for Christmas. They had great fun at our class party with Kingfishers. They played games, danced and had food. They even had a special visit from Father Christmas. Good fun was had by all!
This was the children's first introduction to using Beebots.  They learnt to program a set of instructions commanding the Beebot to move forwards towards their partner.  Once they had mastered moving forwards, they built up the program to include travelling backwards as well.
We celebrated Chinese New Year, in our Chinese restaurant some of the children sat and ate noddles made from wool. We read the menu and it has prawn wantons.  The children discussed what Chinese foods they enjoy.

The children celebrate the Chinese New Year by choreogrefying a Chinese dragon dance in P.E. They accompanied the dance using instruments of bell, cymbals, drums and claves.  The children also waved ribbons to shoo the dragon away.
Healthy Heart & Mind started with the Reception classes performing a Chinese New Year Dragon Dance to the whole school. In the afternoon the children completed a 20 minute dance-a-thon, energetically joining in with popular dance songs and copying moves from Jump Start Jonny.  The dance-a-thon was to raise money for the NSPCC. Later they all enjoyed listening to some calming music in a darkened room lit with a few candles.  The children had time to quietly reflecting on how their bodies were feeling and to rest.
Alister from Sustrans came into school and gave the children the opportunity to have a go on some balance bikes.  He taught them how to handle the bikes and how to set the saddles up correctly adjusting them to individual’s leg lengths. The children played games developing their confidence at manoeuvre the bikes, they learnt to take long leg strides, tiny fairy steps and how to stop quickly.  The lesson progressed to setting challenges on how far they could make the bikes glide along by only using one push and how to steer through obstacles. The children will have the rest of the term to practise these skills.
The children were given a choice of equipment to use.  They could select a tennis racket or a uni hoc stick and chose from a selection of different size balls.  The children were asked to manoeuvre the ball along different zig, zag, curved and pointed lines.  Once they were able to control the ball they then tried to hit the ball into a target.

Spring Term 2 planning 2019

To Infinity and Beyond

Wow Letter

Spring term planning

World Book Day