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Welcome to Mrs Swans Class - Reception (Early Years)

Class Teachers: Mrs Scott (Monday and Wednesday) and Mrs Bartlett (Wednesday to Friday)
Support from: Mrs Nash (Monday to Friday) and Mrs Tierney (Communicator Monday to Friday)
Meet the class - Swans 2017 - 2018

Swans teaching staff
Mrs Tierney, Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Scott and Mrs Nash

Class Information:

Reading books are changed weekly when your child has completed their book. (Please remember to sign their reading record and ask them questions about their book to show that they understand what they have read). Reading books need to be in school every day.

Library books are changed weekly.

PE - indoor on Wednesday and outdoor on Thursday.

Spring Term 2 planning 2018

Parent Information

To Infinity and Beyond

Wow Letter

Our new Swans are Settling in nicely
Mrs Scott brought her new baby to visit the class
Milk and snack time
PE lesson
The Swans and Kingfishers have settled into school life remarkably well over the last half term. Our topic has been 'Magical Me!' and to celebrate how super we all are, we had a Superhero day, when we dressed up, made Superhero accessories and played Superhero games!

We are looking forward to moving on with our reading and writing next half term. However, we are sorry to be saying goodbye to Rupert in Kingfishers who is leaving us to move to pastures new. We wish him all the best in his new school!
Harvest Photos
Looking for signs of Autumn
Visit from the Dentist
Swans and Kingfishers Remembrance Service
Diwali Celebrations

Reception classes have learnt about the Hindu festival of light, Diwali.

We made and decorated diva lamps and chalked Rangoli patterns at the entrances of the classes.
Swans performed some dances in traditional dress.
Most of us enjoyed tasting samosas and onion bhajis.
Children in Need
Reception classes supported Children in Need by wearing something spotty and buying cakes.
Reception have enjoyed a half term filled with Sparkling Celebrations which included Diwali, Bonfire Night and the Nativity.  The children learnt lots of new songs and undertook many different roles in the school play in which they were all fabulous.  The term ended with the school Christmas dinner, a visit from the magician Magic Dave along with his friends Daisy the cow and Louie the Lemur.  The celebrations finished with the class party and a surprise appearance from a special visitor.

Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.
Magic Dave
The Nativity Play Photos              
Christmas Dinner
Sparkling Celebrations Display Photo   
The Swans and Kingfishers had good fun playing party games, dancing and eating party food at their Christmas party. The children were also very lucky and had a visit from Father Christmas who brought them some lovely presents for them to enjoy in 2018.
Mrs Butt came to read a lovely Christmas story to the children about a polar bear and an elf. It was lovely, especially the props and chimes.
Turnip Tasting

The children passed around a raw turnip and discussed its colour and texture.  They liked identifying the roots.  As a class we talked about what processes the turnip would go through to make it soft enough for us to eat.  Most of the children were surprised by the colour change once it was cooked. Some of the children loved tasting the turnip and even had thirds.
Computing - iPad Videos

The children were asked to use the iPads to video re-enacting Little Red Riding Hood scenes with the wolf.  The children worked in groups of three, one person acting out the part of the wolf, the second person as Little Red Riding Hood and the third person used the iPad to video the scenes.  The children swapped roles so everyone had a turn.  They were reminded to try to film the actors' faces making sure they were in the centre of the screen.
Maths-  Saying one or two more than a given number

The children were asked start on zero on a number line, to throw a coin and if the coin landed on heads to add one more or if the coin landed on tails to add two more.  To help cement the sums the children build a corresponding tower at the same time.  The children soon got the hang of it and were confident at identifying the number they had landed on.  

The children enjoyed using four different instruments, bells, claves, cymbals and cabasa. The children decided what the instruments could represent and how they could use them to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood. They used the cymbals for the wolf, the cabasa for Little Red Riding Hood walking in the wood. The claves represented the woodcutter and they used the bells for the conversation between the wolf as Granny and Little Red Riding Hood.
World Book Day
Mrs. Wood came into class to give an Active Maths Lesson.  The children had number cards and had to move around the room to find the set of objects their number represented.  This involved lots of movement and lots of counting.
Active Maths  
Green Day
The children loved coming to school wearing green.  They thought about the Mercy Ships and how the money they donated could be used to help buy medical treatments for people in Africa.
Green Day Model Making. Photos
Throughout the day the children continued to enjoy model making, maths activities, writing passports and role play along with the usual outdoor experiences.
Proud Writers

Twice a week the children are encouraged to write independently about the theme being studied.  The planets topic has really inspired the children with writing, some have written about their favourite planets and the facts they have learnt, whilst others enjoy labelling.

In the technology lessons in the ICT Suite the children learnt how to program a Beebot to travel between them and then moved on to sending it to different locations on a map.
Planets Photos
The children used the Purple Mash spinner tool to create a picture of their favourite planet.  They had to select the correct colours and vary the size of the pen nibs.  They all managed to produce some very impressive planets and were incredibly pleased with their print outs.
Inspiring Music
We have been very fortunate this term with Mrs. Lawson visiting each week to deliver an Inspiring Music lesson.
Out Door Play
Using iPads to interview & video aliens

The children worked in groups of threes, one person acting as an alien, the second person interviewing the alien and the third person used the iPad to video the interview.  The children swapped roles so everyone had a turn.  They were reminded to try to film faces, making sure they were in the centre of the screen.
Alien Day

Alien Day started by decorating biscuits to look like aliens.  We then joined in with a walk around the school field for Sports Relief.  In the afternoon we played party games of Musical Statues, the Four Corners Game and Stick the Alien in his spaceship.  The alien biscuits were enjoyed whist listening to alien music and lots of alien stories.