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Welcome to Toucans Class - Year 2 (Key Stage 1)

Class Teacher:  Mrs Rivers
Support from:   Miss Herbert
Toucans 2017 - 2018

Toucans teaching and support Staff

Miss Herbert, and Mrs Rivers

Class Information:

Reading books are changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday when your child has completed their book. (Please remember to sign their reading record and ask them questions about their book to show that they understand what they have read). Reading books need to be in school every day.

Library books are changed weekly on Friday.

Spellings and Maths homework are given out on Fridays

PE - indoor on Monday and outdoor on Tuesday.

Show and tell day is Monday (your child will be informed when it is their turn)
In our topic lesson we were learning about Ernest Shackleton.  We then imaged we were a famous explorer.  Our friend then interviewed us in front of the class.  We enjoyed taking part in the drama and learning about famous explorers.  
In our computing lesson we were learning about programming.   We took it in turns to program our 'robot' partner using instruction cards.  We made them pick things up and move around the classroom.
In maths we were playing snakes and ladders, to earn the dice we had to answer questions related to our times tables.  We enjoyed making up the questions for each other and trying to beat them to the top.
Toucans have enjoyed exploring the outside canopy area.  We have been trying to make and igloo  and playing with ice animals.
We went to St Albans Cathedral and had a tour around.  We learned why people came to the cathedral.  We took part in a 'wedding' and learned why the cathedral was built and named St Albans.
To end our 'frozen planet' topic we had a visit from a Husky dog .  We learned about the features that helped the dog in the cold.  We also got to stroke the dog and have our photo with her.
On healthy hearts and mind day we played lots of different games, led by our amazing sports leaders.  We also had a lesson of Judo and enjoyed learning how to pin and escape from our partners.
Shine Start Shine - Nativity Play
On Victorian Day we experience what it was like to go to school.  We had lessons in maths, writing, reading and prayer. We had gruel for lunch and did a drill to help us exercise.
We had an exciting day when our time machine brought back Grace Darling.  We learned about her daring rescue and how she lived in the Victorian age.
Shine Start Shine - Nativity Play

Spring Term 1 - Turrets and Tiaras